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    Swim with Turtles
    Wild dolphins, fish & lobsters.

Once you and your friends and family arrive at our underwater office & register ... your activities will start.


Choose your entry to our resort. Scuba Dive your way in to our resort or board our Glass Window Submarine.


Enjoy the marvelous view on your journey to your dream hotel, the Wave Paradise Resort Underwater Complex.

EST. 2020

Wave Paradise Resort, the first REAL underwater private island.

Incredible surroundings will open your dreams in an adventure of a lifetime. Located near Kennedy Space Center and other famous locations in Florida, like Port Canaveral where the cruise ships depart to wonderful locations. Also, near Cocoa Beach, where famous actors and singers go to relax in the sunshine. Placed at 60 feet deep (18.3 meters) in a pristine open ocean with fish, wild dolphins, lobsters and coral.

The Wave Paradise Resort Underwater Complex was created with the intention to open the horizons of the imagination.

Scuba diving is not necessary. We will place you and your family on our own submarine, but we also provide the chance for you to learn to scuba and enjoy to life under the ocean. Let's make your fantasy come true!

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Once you & your friends and family arrive your activities will start.

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